The Network tab for node

…and much more. netsleuth is a project that brings the Chrome DevTools’ Network tab to node.js – natively. Inspect all outgoing HTTP(S) requests from a node.js process with no code changes.

screenshot of js code to make a http request, command prompt window that ran the code, and the netsleuth inspector open in a browser window showing the request's details

The project aims to be an all-in-one HTTP toolkit. netsleuth can:

netsleuth uses the powerful and well-known Chrome DevTools GUI that developers are already familiar with. It implements a daemon that speaks the DevTools wire protocol to light up the GUI with request data, and serves a lightly modified version of the DevTools that can be viewed in a normal browser tab.

Bringing this project into reality required an exceptionally deep understanding of many core internet technologies: HTTP, TLS, TCP, DNS, and node.js internals to name a few.

Full details, documentation, and more is available on the netsleuth website.