Music Control Panel

Arduino remote control

Who doesn’t like singing in the shower?

This Arduino-based remote control panel combines a waterproof button pad with a LCD display that will be mounted and sealed in an enclosure to allow control of a music-playing PC — from the shower.

The Arduino board connects to the Linux PC via USB and communicates with a Python script running as a XBMC addon.

The script sends now playing info for display on the LCD and processes commands sent from the Arduino, such as play/pause, previous/next track, and playlist selection.

When not in use, the PC goes to sleep, and the Arduino turns off the LCD display. It also uses an electrical relay switch to cut power to the speakers’ amplifier. Pressing any button on the panel will wake up the PC and turn the display and speakers back on.

XBMC streams music from a network file server, and a utility running on my computer keeps my iTunes content and playlists synced with the file server.